What is SmartRules?

SmartRules gives SmartThings users a simple yet powerful way to build rules to control their smart homes. Out of the box, SmartThings offers a somewhat limited set of customization using their built-in SmartApps. Creating your smart home is unique to each user, so most users will end up needing more. If you’re ready to dive into the Groovy code and write your own SmartApp, the options are plentiful, but it can be a lot of trouble.

This is where SmartRules comes in. Now, SmartThings users can install SmartRules, authorize their devices, and then use a simple rule builder to customize their homes with all the needed flexibility. Each rule has three parts:

  • Triggers: Events that initiate the rule (ex. motion is detected, or presence is detected).
  • Conditions: When the rule triggers, check if these are true before taking action (ex. Mode is Night, Lux is below 30).
  • Actions: The actions to take on your devices (ex. turn a light on, send a notification).