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Announcing SmartRules 2.0!

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SmartRules 2.0 has just gone live in the iOS App Store! We've made some major improvements in this update and we're excited to hear your feedback! Get ready to make your SmartThings even smarter.

New to SmartRules?

Great! I'm glad you found us. SmartRules is the best way to easily create powerful rules to make your smart home do exactly what you want. No more struggling to search through the published SmartApps to find something that meets your needs, or worse yet, trying to write the code yourself. With SmartRules, you define one or more triggers, like "front door opens" or "hallway motion is detected", any conditions you need to check, for example, "mode is Home", and then specify what actions should be taken, e.g. "turn on hall lights".ruleLabeled

Check out the full list of supported features here.

What's New?

First, we've gotten rid of the free version (SmartRules Lite) and combined into one free version, which lets you experiment with one rule and make sure you like it, then offer an in-app purchase to unlock unlimited rules. Don't worry, if you've already purchased the app, you won't need to buy the new in-app purchase.

Next, we added what was the biggest missing feature; what we call "and stays that way". This new feature lets you create a rule that is triggered only after something stays in its new state for some number of minutes. This is very useful for something like notifying if the door is left open for 10 minutes, or turning off the lights if there has been no motion for 5 minutes. I know you'll really love this new functionality!

We've made a bunch of improvements to the look and feel of the rules. All fields of the rules are visible now, including levels, notification messages, etc. Tapping on one of the fields to modify it saves the existing value, and jumps directly to that place in the selection process. Also, long text is no longer shrunken and unreadable. You'll be able to see everything. Viewing and modifying rules is so much better now.

Other improvements include:

  • Rearrange your rules (both in the app and for the QuickTaps)
  • Confirmation before deleting a rule
  • Fixed layout issues on smaller screens
  • Fixed repeated executions from value triggers
  • Added swipe to delete for rules and their fields.

It all adds up to a much better experience that you'll definitely notice and appreciate.


Other Improvements

You may have already noticed the new and improved site design with more information and a great help page. We've also improved our support infrastructure, now utilizing FreshDesk to make sure that we can help solve any problems that you run into. We still love to hear your feedback and ideas for future improvements, so don't be shy to contact us.